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[Finding Computer Software and Troubleshooting Hardware or Software Problems]

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION about news.newusers.questions

The newsgroup news.newusers.questions is specifically for newcomers to newsgroups and the Internet in general. It is a forum in which they can ask questions about newsgroups and the Internet and hopefully get useful answers from other more experienced users. The newsgroup is moderated, which means that all postings are reviewed before actually being placed in the newsgroup.

Administrative Statement ... Operating procedures, moderation criteria, how to contact moderators

Charter ... The official charter for the newsgroup, passed by a Usenet-wide vote

How to Post to NNQ ... Extended guidelines for what is considered acceptable in this newsgroup

Do This First: Test Properly

Welcome to news.newusers.questions! (weekly posting) ... A helpful weekly post to the newsgroup

Where to post your very first message ... It probably isn't where you would think it would be!

A Place to Test Your Posting Skills ... Why you shouldn't post tests to news.newusers.questions

Where to post test messages ... Hint: look for groups that say "test" in them

Test your posting ability at misc.test ... This takes you the newsgroup misc.test

Test your posting ability at alt.test ... This takes you the newsgroup alt.test

Quoting Text in Replies ... Something to test in the test newsgroups above

Some Basics You Need To Know

The Core Rules of Netiquette, by Virginia Shea ... Knowledge of Etiquette on the Internet, often referred to as Netiquette, can make your online experience much more pleasant

Making Money Fast Schemes ... You could lose your account in a heartbeat -- watch out for these scams

What is Spam? ... And why not to do it

Advertising and Selling ... Only takes place in special groups -- be prepared

Announcing Your Web Page ... Try your signature file instead of using 200 newsgroups -- trust us

How to cancel an article that you've posted ... Hint: it's best to not post it in the first place

Help in Your Language ... If you aren't that great at English, try these newsgroups

Writing Style on Usenet ... How to make your posts really easy to read!

Searching for Information

Finding Information on the Internet ... How to begin searching for information on the Internet, including newsgroup FAQs.
(FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions ... THE sources for information on the newsgroups)

Newsgroups: What They Are and How They Work

What newsgroups are and how they work ... It's complicated, but fascinating

Why newsgroups are not e-mail ... There's some big and small differences between the two

Disappearing Articles ... Yes, they will disappear eventually. Here's why

Crossposting Information ... How and when to do it, why and when you shouldn't

Finding Other Groups

Finding Other Newsgroups ... Here's how to do it

Where to find lists of newsgroups ... There are tens of thousands, worldwide

Master list of newsgroup hierarchies ... From alt.* to za.* and even further

Find new newsgroups ... This takes you the newsgroup news.groups.questions

Subscribing to Other Newsgroups ... Specifically for Netscape 3.x versions, but others may find it helpful too!

How to go to soc.penpals or any other newsgroup ... If it's a newsreader, the instructions are in this document

Public News Servers ... Where to look if your site doesn't get a newsgroup you want

secnews.netscape.com ... Newsgroups on the secure server at Netscape

Creating New Newsgroups

Internet Forums ...Creating a new newsgroup is NOT easy, but there are other options that might better suit your needs

Creating New Newsgroups ... Creating a group that reaches everyone is harder than you might think. Here are some details and links to other documents about the process

Newsgroup charters ... How and Where to find them.
These are the "rules" for each newsgroup created in news.announce.newgroups

Making New Friends Online

Chat Areas and Penpals ... Explaining different ways to "talk" with people on the net

Personals and Requests for Girlfriends/Boyfriends ... If you want to make "special" friends

Meet new email contacts in soc.penpals ... This takes you the newsgroup soc.penpals

Socialize with others in soc.misc ... This takes you the newsgroup soc.misc

Learning About Other Cultures ... Learn about people in many soc.culture.* newsgroups

Traveling to Other Places ... How to get there once you've met people

Finding Computer Software and
Troubleshooting Hardware or Software Problems

How to help us help you ... Information you need to give us when you're looking for computer help

Computer Problems and Questions ... Places to get you started

Finding an Offline Newsreader ... Because staying online for hours is really expensive

Pictures, Sounds, and Document Files ... These need to be posted in special places only

The Mac Orchard ... Internet applications and links for Macintosh users

Quick Links

Search Engines

Yahoo! index of web search engines
Yahoo! index of all-in-one searches
GO.com web search engine with "search within these results" feature
Yahoo! web page search
AltaVista web and news search
Google Groups (formerly DejaNews) newsgroup search
Vivisimo A Metasearch Engine. Accesses several search engines and organizes results into folders of related topics.
Slider An easy to use search engine that includes an index of websites, listed alphabetically, that one can browse. It also has a similar index for access to The Columbia Encyclopedia.
alltheweb Search for: Web pages, News, Pictures, Videos, MP3 files, FTP files

Tucows winsock (PC) software search
Stroud's winsock (PC) software search
The Mac Orchard macintosh software search
C|Net shareware software search

InfoSpace people and place search
Switchboard people and place search
Mapquest place and location search

Internet Movie Database film, video, and television search

FAQ search based on news.answers FAQs and periodic posts


local.test testing newsgroup

alt.answers reference newsgroup (alternative newsgroups)
alt.config alt.* group creation newsgroup
alt.test testing newsgroup

comp.answers reference newsgroup (computer software and hardware newsgroups)
comp.infosystems.www.announce newsgroup for announcing your web site

humanities.answers reference newsgroup (literature, philosophy, humanities newsgroups)

misc.answers reference newsgroup (miscellaneous topic newsgroups)
misc.forsale.non-computer for the sale of non-computer items
misc.test testing newsgroup

rec.answers reference newsgroup (recreational, entertainment, and hobby newsgroups)

sci.answers reference newsgroup (scientific and mathematical newsgroups)

soc.answers reference newsgroup (social sciences, religious, cultural, and historical newsgroups)
soc.misc general discussion newsgroup
soc.penpals penpal and pen-friend newsgroup
soc.personals personals newsgroup

talk.answers reference newsgroup (high-traffic discussions about politics, religion, and other controversial issue newsgroups)

news.answers reference newsgroup for all of the above hierarchies
news.announce.newusers periodic postings for new users of the internet and newsgroups
news.announce.newgroups posts regarding proposals for newsgroups and the votes and results that follow
news.groups for the discussion and creation or modification of new or existing newsgroups
news.groups.questions for finding newsgroups and mailing lists on a given topic
news.newusers.questions questions and answers about usenet, newsgroups, and the internet in general

Web Pages and FTP Sites

FAQ search based on news.answers FAQs and periodic posts

RTFM FAQ depository ftp site for news.answers and other FAQs

Newsgroup charters for all of the past and current "Big 8" newsgroups
Newsgroup charters at the new isc.org site

OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder many dictionaries, find definitions of all sorts of words

Submit It! web site registration service

www.pleasehelp.com Good source of information for those that are completely new to the Internet. Tutorials on how to set up dialers, web browsers, email and more, for Windows and Macintosh systems.

www.howstuffworks.com If you want a better understanding of how something does what it does, this is the place to go.

www.grc.com Gibson Research - Steve Gibson's site offers very in-depth information and tools for security online.

www.dslreports.com Broadband Reports.com is probably the de facto standard site for information on DSL, cable and other high speed Internet services.

http://www.56k.com/ Previously dedicated to 56K modems, this site is expanding to include DSL, cable, and wireless internet information and resources.

www.modemhelp.org Good source for dial-up information, modem init strings, drivers, etc. It also has a section of information on high speed access and a discussion board.

www.driverguide.com This site offers a *huge* variety of drivers for devices of all kinds.

en.wikipedia.org A free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

www.speedguide.net The site focuses on system performance, stressing on improving TCP/IP performance over high speed/latency networks.

www.wown.com/j_helmig/guide.htm Step by Step networking procedure: "Networking for Dummies" - Clear, easy-to-use, Windows networking information.

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