Pictures, Sounds, and Document Files

Binary encoding is a way to send a picture, sound, or document across newsgroups or the internet. Such encoded messages shouldn't be posted to this newsgroup.

Binary files are usually HUGE-- many times the size of normal text files. They can take forever to download and can break some people's newsreaders. Also, if you get charged by the time it takes to download a message, or the size of the messages you download, that's a LOT more money paid by the unsuspecting newsgroup reader!

Please post binary files to the most appropriate binaries newsgroup ONLY. Here are a few places to get you started (warning-- the files may take a LONG time to download due to their size!):    (
    alt.binaries.sounds.misc      (news:alt.binaries.sounds.misc)
You can post a note in a group that you've sent a binary file to another newsgroup, but please don't crosspost that file or the note between the groups or post the files here. If you post pointers to the groups where readers might be interested, and only post the binaries in binaries newsgroups, everything works out fine. :)

For more information, please read:

  1. Decoding Internet Attachments, A Tutorial by Michael Santovec

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