Announcing Your Web Page

This newsgroup is not the place to advertise or announce web pages.

The MOST proper place to advertise your new (or updated) web page is in comp.infosystems.www.announce ( news:comp.infosystems.www.announce).

The NEXT most proper place to advertise your web page would be a newsgroup which deals *directly* with the material on your page.

Posting advertisements and/or announcements to multiple newsgroups (cross-posting) will usually yield *very* negative results. It *will* make several people angry, which can result in them Flaming the poster severely. It also results in the development of a BAD reputation for the poster, which causes more people to shun your postings than to read them.

The EASIEST way to advertise your web page is to stick it in your signature file. As long as you keep your signature file to four lines or less, you can put any information you want in it!

The most EFFECTIVE way to advertise your web page is to use a search engine registration service, such as Submit It! web site registration service.

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