Chat Areas and Penpals

This newsgroup is not the proper place to hold general conversations. However, there are many other ways and places to find penpals and chat!

If you want to test your posting ability and have real people from the world respond, try the newsgroup alt.test.hello-world (news:alt.test.hello-world).

If you're looking for friends overseas to write to, learn about cultures with, and practice languages with, you may find new friends in soc.penpals (news:soc.penpals). There are posters there from around the world!

If you're looking for a specific age group, you might try one of these groups:        (
    alt.teens.penpals            (news:alt.teens.penpals)          (
    alt.penpals.forty-plus-yrs   (news:alt.penpals.forty-plus-yrs)
There are tons of chat services out there. Two good places to start looking for web-based chat services are under: .

IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, offers a world-wide multi-user CHAT network, where people meet to talk in groups, or privately. Lots of people can participate in the real time discussions, and the number of topics covered on IRC is endless. If you've got Windows, one of the best programs is called mIRC. You can find out more about it at: . Another good Chat program is PalTalk. You can read about and sign up for PalTalk at . If you have a Macintosh, try the IRCle program, which can be found at: .

For more information, please read:

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