Disappearing Articles

Articles *need* to "disappear" for a few reasons.

Once you've read an article, you've read it, and the computer figures you don't want to read it again. So it normally "hides" all of the articles that you've read so you don't have to read through 100 articles you've already read to find 20 new ones!

You can mark articles "unread" in a few different ways. In Netscape, there's a little green dot that disappears when you select the article to read it. If you click where the dot used to be, you can "unread" it and keep it on the screen. Or, you may have a "show all articles" OPTION listing that will show both the read articles and the unread ones. You may also be able to "flag" an article so that you can easily find it again...

ALL news servers will expire all articles from a group at a certain time. Some might expire every article when it is 14 days old. Some might expire alt.* newsgroup articles after 4 days, while they will keep news.* articles around for 21 days. Or, they may expire articles once any newsgroup reaches 1000K worth of traffic, no matter how many actual articles or days have passed.

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